Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked General Law Questions

Do you only handle cases in Tarrant County?

Do you always charge a large retainer?

Are big firms always better?

Why are smaller law firms better?

What can I expect to happen during a lawsuit?

Do you charge more than attorneys who are not board certified?

Does the person with the best attorney always win?

How often are cases appealed?

If I sue someone, how likely is it that we will go to trial?

Why doesn’t Cox Law Firm advertise on TV or billboards?

Frequently Asked Business Law Questions

When can you form a verbal contract?

When are conversations that were made before a written contract included?

What warranties are included in a contract?

When can someone get out of a contract?

When can a court force someone to follow through with a contract?

When should you have an attorney review a contract?

Frequently Asked Construction Law Questions

What are some tips to avoid construction litigation?

Why would subcontractors allow the general contractor extra time to pay?

What’s the next step for a contractor who has a valid mechanic’s lien claim?

What is the most common problems you see when assessing a lien claim?

Frequently Asked Family Law Questions

What happens when someone passes away without a will?

Can you write your own last will and testament without an attorney?

Can my adopted children still inherit from me?

When can I give my children an advancement on their inheritance?

Can you write your own last will and testament without an attorney?

Frequently Asked Divorce Law Questions

How does a spouse protect the marital assets during a divorce proceeding?

What if the parties cannot agree on the payment of bills during the divorce?

Are all the debts that arise during marriage considered “community debts?”

What factors does the judge consider in dividing the assets and liabilities in a divorce case?

What is standard visitation?

What is mediation?

What is a marital agreement?

Can retirement benefits be divided in a divorce case?

Can a divorce decree be modified at a later time?

What factors are considered in determining child support payments?

What requirements are there for providing health insurance coverage for minors?

What can be done if a parent does not pay child support as ordered by a judge?

Frequently Asked Real Estate Law Questions

Can someone gain rights to a piece of property simply by using the land?

How do I fix a problem with my deed?

Can a tenant extend a lease just by not moving out?

When can a party sublet their apartment or home?

What is the difference between a sublease & an assignment. Why does it matter?

What is a secured creditor and how is a security interest created?

Do particular secured interests have priority over other secured interests?

Are there consequences for parties that file fraudulent liens in the real property records?

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