Residential & Commercial Real Estate Attorney in Hurst TX

Our Real Estate Attorneys Know How To Protect Your Real Estate Assets in Hurst Texas

The Real Estate Attorneys at The Cox Law Firm in Hurst are knowledgeable and have the legal expertise you require to ensure that you get what you’d like from your closing transaction. They have more than 20+ years of experience successfully managing residential and commercial closings in real estate.

Remember, real estate is a major financial investment and it is best to safeguard your interests by having experienced real estate attorneys by your side. If you’re purchasing, refinancing, or selling your real estate, it is essential you employ a knowledgeable real estate attorneys or lawyers to supervise your deals and ensure all your investments in Hurst Texas are secured.

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Hurst TX Residential Real Estate Attorneys

Our attorneys counsel clients on the purchase, sale and lease of residential properties, reservation of mineral rights, oil and gas leases, easements, trespasses, encroachments, evictions, condemnations, real estate fraud claims, and title disputes.

Our Chicago Title fee office allows us to provide professional and efficient escrow and title services underwritten by a strong, long-standing, national title company.

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Real Estate Services We Provide In Hurst

– Conveyance and release document preparation
– Loan document preparation
– Development agreements
– Buy-sell real estate agreements
– Lot take down contracts
– Commercial purchase and sale agreements
– Commercial leases, lease purchase agreements, and contracts for deed
– Refinance real estate transactions
– Condemnation representation
– Real estate fraud litigation
– Litigation of contract disputes, boundary disputes, eviction, and title disputes
– Negotiations over real estate repairs and defects
– Real estate title reviews and insurances
– Real Estate closings
– Sale-by-owner real estate transactions

Hurst TX Commercial Real Estate Attorneys

The Cox Law Firm is capable and ready to serve you in all your legal representation needs for real estate matters. From commercial to residential, our real estate lawyers based in Hurst want to insulate you from risk while helping you achieve your goals.

Across North Texas, we serve owners, developers, builders, brokers, agents, lenders, architects, engineers, and any other party involved in real estate transactions and litigation.

We handle matters ranging from development agreements, takedown contracts, purchase and sale transactions, lease agreements, easements, evictions, condemnations, boundary disputes, lease purchase agreements, contracts for deed, conveyance and security instruments, title commitment review and assessment, and title curative work.

Hurst Real Estate Attorneys FAQs

1. What exactly does a real estate lawyer do?

Real estate attorneys offer legal counsel and assists customers with issues related to titles as well as insurances and environmental issues. They analyze and draft appraisals as well as leases, inspections as well as purchase contracts.

They draft documents, such as leases and financial leases, agreements, and deeds for purchases that are more expensive and conveyances.

Real Estate Litigation Lawyers also represent their clients in the court. They are involved in hearings and trials they also file appeals, draft legal pleadings and other documents. Attorneys negotiate and bargain for clients’ behalf and assist in reaching settlement agreements.

Real estate lawyers or attorneys generally estimate the worth of a property to prepare for a purchase, mortgage renovations, etc. They are also responsible for a variety of tasks that include confirming the descriptions and records of property, inspecting properties taking photographs of property, making comparisons to other properties in the area and writing reports to determine the worth for the home. This is a vital function in real estate, making sure the most precise information is available in relation to the value of the property.

Real estate attorneys or lawyers fall under two categories: Litigators who usually represent clients in court and during the trial of a case while Transactional Attorneys are accountable for the preparation of contracts and agreements that concern real estate ownership.

3. What is a real estate closing attorney?

An attorney for closing real estate is an individual hired by the buyer, the seller, or the lender to manage the documentation related with the purchase of the property and lender’s paperwork.

This real estate attorney serves as an agent for settlement, but is not representing either the buyer or seller during the sale. The lawyer’s or attorney’s job is to create closing documents and to follow the provisions of the contract for purchase and sale.

2. Does Texas use real estate attorneys?

Although Texas is one of the states which do not require that you employ a real estate attorney when selling your home however, there are occasions when an attorney could be of great value.

For example, if it is your intention to market your property without the assistance of a real estate agent, or in one of the many complicated scenarios that could occur when selling a house.

Agents who specialize in real estate are skilled at performing the typical sales transaction, but they rely on formal purchase agreements that might not be sufficient to handle the legal challenges that you have to deal with.

Some situations that are typical that call for the hiring of an attorney for real estate include:

  • The problem arises between buyer and the seller In this case, for example, the buyer is looking to withdraw after having made an offer.
  • The allocation of repair costs could result from the buyer’s examination of the property.
  • A short sale situation.
  • The sale of a home is a result of the estate of a family member.
  • Selling a larger part of land, with a portion being utilized for the field.
  • A house is sold with the tenant on a lease.
  • Selling a home jointly owned with a third party that isn’t your spouse.
  • Selling a home that has problems, for example, significant foundation issues.

An attorney for real estate is not costly and will provide you with lots of experience and confidence in all kinds of scenarios.

4. What does a real estate closing attorney do for the seller?

Usually a real estate attorney serves as an agent for settlement during the sale of a property but is not representing either the buyer or seller.

However when the seller (you) engage someone to act as your real estate attorney during the sale of your property, the attorney is bound by the fiduciary obligation to protect your best interests, and only your best interests during the sale of the real estate.

In several states homeowners and buyers are only able to work with closing attorneys and not an attorney representing sellers or buyers. In certain states the closing attorney might be called the settlement agent, escrow agent, or closing lawyer. The letter from the closing attorney will inform you that the attorney doesn’t represent you, but rather creates the documents needed for closing. Be certain to read the words in the contract you are signing.